IX Lions was inspired by the 6 notorious Mopago Lions of the Sebi Sand region in Southern Africa. Like the infamous 6 lion brothers, IX Lions beard products reign supreme over all competition. We have taken beard care to the elite level. 

Here at IX Lions Beard Club we believe that quality and integrity are key to a successful brand. With our formulas we blend top grade 100% natural essential and carrier oils to produce a superior beard oil for manly men. Our high quality beard oils will leave you and your beard feeling good, looking good, & smelling good!

Being a New Yorker, as soon as I moved to Philadelphia, I immediately noticed that the culture in Philly had a few distinct elements. That it was a hard nosed city with a certain grittiness to it. Philadelphia is a place filled with rich American history, boxing history, and motorcycle club roots. But on the surface, the city is really known for their cheese-steaks, the word "Jawn", and the love for the big ass beard! 

Before the rest of the United States got on the beard wave, the Philly "Buls" was rocking the full mane before it became a trend. With this influence we became inspired to jump into the lane of beard care and master it like no other. IX Lions Beard Club being based out of the city of Brotherly Love was only right.

In today's society it's accepted and popular for males to wear blouses, skinny jeans, & take on various feminine qualities. It's rare to run across men who take pride in their masculinity. Our mission is to not only be the top beard oil company in the nation, but to be known as King world wide. IX Lions is a movement, we will not stop even after the crown is ours. Our product represents men of the alpha cloth. This brand is for US, the lion hearted.

Lions know their own. Join the Club. 

Handcrafted in Philadelphia, USA