Beard of War Beard Oil

Beard of War Beard Oil


This is our most manliest scent, too bold for the average man. This powerful blend of sandalwood, patchouli, and citrus will take you back to a time when men battled each other with swords and spears instead of with guns and bombs. If gladiators had beards, I'm sure their's smelled similar to this.

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All oils are tested on alpha men, no animals.

All IX Lion beard oils are 100% Organic & chemical free, are light, easy to apply, and absorbs well, leaving your beard soft & handsome. Test on skin for allergens.


• Promotes  growth & health for all hair types

• Relieves itchiness & irritation 

• Moisturizes and conditions all skin types

• Eliminates hair breakage & dandruff

• Strengthens weak & damaged hair follicles 

  which in turn may prevent grey hair