Hannibal Beard Oil

Hannibal Beard Oil


This is a perfect blend for the calculated general who likes to remain focus through out his day as well as keeping his mane looking and smelling fresh. This refreshing mix releases a hint of a woodsy resisn blended well with mint scents to provide a cool and clean feel on a strapping beard.

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All oils are tested on alpha men, no animals.

All IX Lion beard oils are 100% Organic & chemical free, are light, easy to apply, and absorbs well.  Leaving your beard soft & handsome. Test on skin for allergens.


• Promotes  growth & health for all hair types

• Relieves itchiness & irritation 

• Moisturizes and conditions all skin types

• Eliminates hair breakage & dandruff

• Strengthens weak & damaged hair follicles, which in turn may prevent grey hair