IX Lions Beard Oil Tips


IX Lions prides itself on providing our customers quality products and beard oils. But what good is providing good products without a thorough explanation of it's correct application? To give our customers a break down on using our oils, we have listed a few simple steps to follow to ensure your beard will look strong and manly.

Step I: Wash Your Beard

Prepare your beard by washing it with our Lion's Milk Beard Wash. This premium beard wash isn't harsh on your beard as regular shampoo, which strips away the nutrients in your beard and dries it out. TRUST your beard will thank you later.

After washing and gently drying your beard, it's best if you apply our beard oil. As a result it will be easier for your skin to take in the oil and nutrients provided in our oils. . Everyone knows that oil and water don't mix.

Step II: Identify Beard Size & Usage Amount

How and when to apply the IX Lions Beard Oil is a common question. We understand that all beards are not created equal. Men's beards can be close shaved or very long and skin can be overly dry or overly oily. So the amount that is required per week varies on skin types and beard size. For your beard to a reap the full benefits, we recommend using our oil twice a day. FEEL AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE GUARANTEED!!!

Step III: Apply Beard Oil

In terms of how to apply our 1 oz bottles, you would remove the cap which is attached to the eye dropper. Pinch the top cap to suction the oil. Apply 1 to 3 drops on your hands then gently apply it onto your beard up to your skin. Depending on beard size, you may choose to use more. Use a brush to work in the oil and a comb or pick for tangles. You will know when the oil is evenly dispersed when beard becomes soft.

Step IV: "MANE-tain"

After applying our oils daily, we recommend that you wash your beard twice a week using our Lion's Milk Beard Wash. After the wash and rinse, dry your beard and simply reapply our oil thoroughly through out your glorious mane to retain it's shine, strength, and manly scent.

It's that simple. If the steps were the only thing holding you back from buying IX Lions Beard Oil, we hope that these easy to follow steps helped. Check out our IX Beard Oils here. All follow the same steps for application.