IX Reasons Why Every Man Needs To Grow A Beard


We all thought about it. To shave or not to shave, that is the question. Your answer or reason for growing your mane can be for several reasons. We listed the top reasons why most men grow their beards. Maybe this can help you make your own decision if you have been contemplating on growing out your mane.

Reason I: Look More Distinguished

 Having a beard is not as common as you may think. For those that do decide to grow one, their beard is a sure way to stick out from the pack.

Reason II: Tradition

Your pop has a beard. Your pop's dad has a beard. It's only right that you have one, right? Beards are passed down like family recipes. 

Reason III: Women

Women in general are one of the biggest motivations for men. Needless to say, when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, bearded men get mad love. 

Reason IV: Look Older

All men can remember puberty and anticipating their first emerging stubble to finally look more "manly." Let's keep it real, without your facial hair you probably look 10 years younger. which isn't always a good look.

Reason V: The Look

No reason is necessary. There is nothing wrong with liking the look alone. Your like may turn to love once you see all the endless possibilities when it comes to styling. 

Reason VI: Enhance Appearance

Beards add swag. Men before a beard and after will show 2 different people and personalities. Facial hair can add another element to your look and over all image, aging the wearer but not in an old and grey sort of way, but by adding a more sophisticated image.

Reason VII: Hate Shaving

Some men hate the routine of shaving or going to a barber. So letting it grow is the only other alternative option

Reason VIII: Religious Beliefs

Some beards can tell you a great deal about an individual's religious beliefs. For most men, a long beard is a simple form of self-expression, but for pious individuals belonging to certain religions, the way their beard is worn expresses the depth of their adherence to their faith. 

Reason IX: IX Lions

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