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IX Lions offers the finest 100% organic & chemical free ingredients for facial hair of all types that we could find. Through our use of essential and carrier oils, we created a beard oil for our customers from all walks of life that prevents dry, itchy skin under the beard, leaving your mane soft, handsome, moisturized, and feeling healthy! Let us help you "MANE-tain" your beard. Follow the link to get your only solution for a better beard. 



IX Lions Beard Club offers not only high quality beard oils, but unique apparel, and accessories for men and women as well. Our apparel and accessories give our customers versatility, style, and comfort.

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Beards & Religion

Men grow beards for different reasons. It can be due to a dislike for shaving, to appeal to the women, or for the oldest reason - religion. 

IX Reasons why every man needs to grow a beard

We all thought about it. To shave or not to shave, that is the question. Your reason for growing your mane can vary as we highlight here. 

IX Lions beard oil tips

IX Lions prides itself on providing our customers quality products and beard oils. But what good is providing good products without a thorough explanation of its correct application? 




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